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Lodging Venues in NC Offer On-Site Geocaching

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CULLOWHEE, N.C. – Two adjoining accommodations in Jackson County now offer on-site geocaching to guests, a program believed to be among the first of its kind in the Southeast.

The Riverlodge Bed & Breakfast and Tuckaseigee Valley Cabins enlisted the help of nationally-acclaimed geocacher Graeme McGufficke to hide 10 caches on their mountain property, which borders the Tuckasegee River.

The caches vary in difficulty to accommodate novice or expert cachers, and the GPS coordinates are available only to overnight guests.

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NNJC Cachers featured in article

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— Team DEMP @ 10:10 pm

A bit of self promotion as I’m a member of NNJC – Northern NJ Cachers. 3 of NNJC cachers were featured in a story in the NJ Star Ledger. The story was the top story on the home page along with a big picture.

Old Navy, LakeLady and BrianSnat were all quoted in the article which presented geocaching in a very

You can read the full story at


Geocaching with a Garmin Nuvi

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— Team DEMP @ 6:22 am

An interesting set of steps posted at which explain how to use a Garmin NUVI for paperless geocaching. The well written set of steps includes many screen shots showing exactly how to make it work using GSAK. If you have a Nuvi, it’s definitely worth checking out.


MapSource releases Mac version & updates Windows version

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— Team DEMP @ 8:00 am

Garmin has released a Mac version of MapSource which can be pre-ordered –

Garmin has also released an update to MapSource for the Windows platform at They list the following as the latest updates:

Changes made from version 6.13.6 to 6.13.7:

  • Fixed an issue sending maps to units on Asian language computers.
  • Fixed an issue where the vertical profile was not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue when transferring data to a blank SD card.
  • Fixed an issue where the map tile name was not displayed correctly on the unit after transferring to the device with MapSource.


Climbers rescued on Mount Hood aided by treasure hunt box

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— Team DEMP @ 7:45 am

Two men who became lost on Mount Hood were able to aid rescuers after they found a geocache, a box used in a treasure hunt game, that contained their GPS location.

Rescuers safely guided Matthew Pitts and Justin Votos out of the snow-covered forest Tuesday morning, after the pair got lost in whiteout conditions while climbing on Mount Hood.

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Garmin and Apple Updates

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— Team DEMP @ 8:03 am

According to Garmin and the Mac Garmin is still committed to the Apple and lists the various ways Apple users can use Garmin products and some news about what is in development.

There’s a link to download a beta of the new Apple beta software called Bobcat. A direct link is


Cache In On Treasure Hunting Fun At Detroit Zoo

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— Team DEMP @ 9:58 pm

The Detroit Zoo has always been a great place to discover wildlife, but now it’s also a great place to discover hidden treasure. The Zoo has joined the growing craze of geocaching by creating six caches, or hiding places, throughout the 125-acre park.

The GPS coordinates of the six Detroit Zoo caches can be found on All of the Zoo caches can be reached from public pathways. None are buried underground but they are camouflaged.

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Policy banning game in national parks could soon change to encourage it [Canada]

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— Team DEMP @ 7:07 pm

An interim policy has banned the popular activity geocaching from national parks, but a final Parks Canada policy to be released by the end of September may encourage it.

The sport, played all over the world, has people hiding items and others tracking them down with global positioning systems (GPS). All of the items, hidden and found, are posted on website for others to seek out.

Parks Canada temporarily prohibited the growing activity as concerns were raised that trails were being trampled and there were increased impacts on wildlife.

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Garmin MapSource 6.13.1 release

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— Team DEMP @ 7:50 pm (47.3 MB)

Changes made from version 6.12.4 to 6.13.1:

  • Improved the View in Google Earth feature.
  • Improved the Find Nearest Places dialog.
  • Improved the transfer of user data to removable media drives for marine units.
  • Added support for transferring user data to Symbian Garmin Mobile XT devices.
  • Added a temperature field to the tab delimited text output.
  • Fixed an issue where a track or route vertical profile that spanned a detailed map boundary had an erroneous fissure on the plot.
  • Fixed an issue with URIs (links) in GPX files that contain non-ASCII characters.
  • Fixed an issue when opening a GPX file that contains a new-line as the first character of a waypoint comment.
  • Fixed an issue with adding duplicate link entries in the waypoint dialog.
  • Fixed an issue with rendering maps in a locked map product that contains terrain shading data.


Treasure hunt spoils wedding

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— Team DEMP @ 10:01 pm

Geocaching is supposed to be a harmless game in which techno-savvy treasure hunters use Global Positioning Devices to find trinkets hidden in remote locations.

But a Saturday trek for hidden “treasure” under the Tybee Pavillion turned out to be anything but harmless.

Whoever hid a geocache there decided the best waterproof container would be a pipe with two end-caps. Problem is, that’s exactly what a pipe bomb looks like.

Tybee Police Chief Jimmy Price confirmed Tuesday night that what was initially suspected to be a bomb was actually a geocache.

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